Symposium "Our Common Odyssey: Past, Present, and Future",

(7 - 13) November, 2021

Memory of John Cairns (USA), Borys Aleksandrov (Ukraine), and Philip Elbaz (France)

Institute of Marine Biology

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Scientific Org. Committee

  • Borys Aleksandrov (Ukraine)
  • Athem Altsabti (UK/Iraq)
  • Jamshed Akhtar (India)
  • David Begun (Canada)
  • Vladimir Burdyuzha-Chair (Russia)
  • Milan Dimitrijevic (Serbia)
  • Menachem Goren (Israel)
  • Aubrey De Grey (UK)
  • Rajan Gupta (USA)
  • Wei Han (China)
  • Guillermo Lemarchand (Argentina)
  • Galina Minicheva (Ukraine)
  • Nils-Axel Morner (Sweden)
  • Jose Pacheco (France)
  • Roman Retzbach (Germany)
  • Yaroslav Yatskiv (Ukraine)
  • Hoi-Lai Yu (Taiwan)
  • Zeechan Yousaf (Pakistan)

Our previous conferences of the Future:

(2-6) July, 1999 (Budapest) Hungary

(2-6) May, 2005 (Frankfurt/Maine) Germany

(21-24) December, 2012 (Bangalore) India

Local Org. Committee

  • Borys Aleksandrov-Chair (Ukraine, Odessa)
  • Sergey Andronati (Ukraine, Odessa)
  • Marina Marchevska (Ukraine, Odessa)
  • Seda Melikyans (Ukraine, Odessa)
  • Galina Minicheva- Chair (Ukraine, Odessa)
  • Anastasia Snigireva (Ukraine, Odessa)
  • Liana Aleksandrova (Ukraine, Odessa)


  • Hotel reservation October 7
  • Abstracts for speakers October 7
  • Final program October 20
  • Registration October 25
  • Reports for Proceedings December 20
  • First announcement September 1
  • Second announcement October 1
  • Third announcement November 1

"Science is organized consciousness. Wisdom is organized life".

Immanuel Kant (Prussia)

"The key to our common future is developing a nurturing relation with Earth's biosphere - humankind life support system"

John Cairns (USA)

SOC -; LOC -;
Secretary of the conference - Seda Melikyants -

Odessa is the Black Sea gateway to Ukraine. It is the country's largest commercial Black Sea port and a large industrial city. Odessa is a crossroads of cultures, languages and trade, a charming multi-ethnic and multy-cultural city on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine. This region has a rich history, including the antic (Greek and Roman) period as well as recent developments connected with the names of outstanding scientists (G. Gamow, A. Lyapunov, I. Mechnikov, D. Mendeleev, I.E. Tamm; V.P. Glushko snd S.P. Korolev - founders of space rocketry), poet A.Puskin,writers (I. Bunin, V. Kataev, I. Babel), musicians (Sviatoslav Richter, David Oistrakh), artists (I. Aivazovsky) and many more. The beauty of Odessa is in Prymorsky boulevard with its beautiful buildings and the Potemkin Stairs, one of the beautiful opera-building of the world and etc.