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29.08.2010 | Prof. Ralph Cicerone (US President of the National Academy of Sciences) strongly advocates action on global warming now (Science 328,(2010) 1085). He underlines that climate changes are largely caused by human activities.
21.07.2010 | Abstract of our suggested talk “Ocean methane hydrates are a important factor of global warming”.
21.07.2010 | In Brisbane (Australia) the conference “Climate change” (www.climate-conference.com) was held during July (8-10) of 2010 year. More than 100 participants from different countries visited this important event. If it say very shortly: many countries are ready to meet this hard moment in our life, especially Australia. They will show to all world that is necessary to do in the period of global warming. Unfortunately, this process is impossible to stop, if we transfered a bifurcation point. Therefore, if we are intelligent Civilization we must all together to start thinking about the Future catastrophe to overcome its or mitigate its as minimum.
21.07.2010 | June 16 (2010) Dr.Peter Ward (Prof.of Earth, space sciences, and biology at the University of Washington) presented in Bellevue a lecture entitled "Our Flooding World". Dr. Ward's lecture examined the consequences of one, two,five, and ten meters of sea-level rise on Civilization and its future agriculture, geography, and economics.
21.07.2010 | In April (21-23),2010 in Bellevue, Washington "Foundation for the Future" held three-day workshop entitled "Water-The Crisis Ahead"."A good starting point in understanding the crisis" said S.Velamoor"is for all of us on the planet to come to terms will the the fact that water is a finite resource, yet every year there are more and more users for the relatively small amount of freshwater" Website of this Foundation is : www.futurefoundation.org
30.05.2010 | For the first time in the World the group of scientists (Craig Venter) has created an artificial organism by chemical way. They have collected DNA of Mycoplasma mycoides bacterium on parts. It is a great event!
11.05.2010 | The recent publication in the journal "Science" (7 May 2010) was: "Climate Change and the Integrity of Science".
11.05.2010 | The discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole, as reported in Nature 25 years ago, was one of the most dramatic scientific findings of modern times.
11.05.2010 | A new definition of life was recently given by Gerard Jagers op Akkerhuis:"I define life by means of operators. And I have the operators ranked by their level of complexity. From the level of the cellular operator and up, everything is a living operator".
11.05.2010 | 22 April (2010) was a day of Earth.
11.03.2010 | The United Nations declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity. http://www.cbd.int/2010/welcome
06.03.2010 | We are planning to hold a new Symposium "Our common Future" at the beginning of 2012.The preliminary program can be found in the section "documents".
06.03.2010 | Biological immortality: immortal jellyfish or Turritopsis nutricula may indeed be Earth`s only immortal creature.
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